Oolong Tea Utensils

Tea utensils can enhance your enjoyment of oolong tea. Our selection of attractive teapots, trays, cups and other accessories help you experience the authentic taste of Taiwan oolong tea.

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  • Wood Tea Utensils

    Wood Tea Utensils
    Four tea utensils for serving gong-fu style oolong tea.

    These bamboo wood tea utensils are very useful when making gong-fu style oolong tea. This is a set of four wood tea utensils:

    • Tea Scoop for pouring the tea leaves into the tea pot
    • Measuring tool for removing excess leaves from the scoop
    • Tongs for removing used tea leaves from the pot
    • A pick for clearing the nozzle of the tea pot

    This tea utensil set is made in Taiwan from Taiwan bamboo.

  • Tea Strainer

    Tea Strainer
    Stainless steel tea strainer made in Taiwan.

    This tea strainer is the ideal size for making gong-fu style oolong tea. Stainless steel with a fine mesh.

    Made in Taiwan

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)