Jin Xuan Sample Pack
[金萱茶 Samples]

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 by veronica p.
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i'm very happy about my decision to order this sample pack! it opened indeed a new "tea-world" for me. i'm a lover of milk oolong, i had already bought it here in expensive tea shops, but was unsatisfied about its artificial taste (it was sold as "all natural" but smelled like powdered milk...). the first sip of your jin xuan showed me pure and simple what a real milk oolong is, and i will never go back to expensive but low quality adultered teas. the sample pack gives you a convenient and smart chance to choose the quality you prefere before to buy the big pack, and i enjoyed my time comparing 3 qualities as a professional tea-taster :) i re-ordered 2 of the 3 qualities out of my complete satisfaction.

 by bernie y.
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I'm so glad I decided to get this sample pack, the floral patterns and sweetness just burst into your mouth and lingers on. When I'm done with my other tea, I will definitely reorder a bigger package of the ruifeng and tai xing

 by Galina T.
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all three milk oolong are good. Rui-Feng Jin Xuan is very light. Zhu Shan Jin Xuan,a flavored tea is very delicate, that surprised me. I try in US in very expensive tea store milk oolong, sayler promissed me that it is not flavored tea but flavor was so strong that I did not believed him. Thank you for such nice set of good milk oolong tea. Galina

 by Jessica C.
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Having just heard about Jin Xuan from a friend, this sampler pack is a great way to try out if and which of them I like before ordering the the full size packs (I'm leaning towards the Tai-Xing Jin Xuan). The tea themselves are very fragrant and stood up to multiple brewing.