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Jin Xuan Sample Pack

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Milk oolong sampler pack of 3 different teas.

Try out our three Jin Xuan (milk oolong) teas and compare for yourself. During processing, the tea varietal Jin Xuan can develop a pleasing milk fragrance.

Sometimes processors will add an edible flavoring to achieve this quality. We have 3 milk oolongs for sale - two of them are unflavored, and the third has added flavoring. Try them for yourself to see which is the best.

The Jin Xuan sample pack consists of the following oolong teas:

Rui Feng Jin Xuan
Tai Xing Jin Xuan
Zhu Shan Jin Xuan

Each tea is packed in a 7 gram vacuum sealed foil bag for maximum freshness. Each pack is sufficient for one or two gong-fu teapots, depending on the size of the pot.

Product 4/5