Feng Fu Sample Pack
[Feng Fu]

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 by Terje G.
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The teas have already arrived safely, and I'm now trying them one by one. So far I'm liking them very much and I'm definitely going to be back to order more of some of them when I've tried all and know which ones I like most. I must say it is very nice that you have sample packs like that, making it easy to get to know your selection of tea :)

 by Daniel B.
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A great sample pack, my favorite of the ones that I ordered. It has a good selection of teas available gives a representative impression of what's available from Taiwan. Recommended!

 by AH
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Until now I've tried five samples and I'm overall very satisfied... When I finish with all samples - I will reorder some oolongs which taste the best to me. "Long Feng Xia" and "Wu Ling" are both very delicious... truly some of the best oolongs I've tried. I have already told some friends about your shop - and maybe they will make an order too ;)