Chong Pei Sample Pack
[Chong Pei]

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A great sampler. The Wu Ling is a perfect accompaniment to fish and rice dishes, very light and floral. The Shi Zuo was very standard, Very basic and to the point. The Zhong Shu Hu is probably the best choice for an everyday sipping tea. Its flavor was strong but inoffensive. The GABA tea was surprising. While its health claims are bunk (GABA can't cross the blood-brain barrier), the tea itself was a total treat. It was so oxidized that it was more of a refreshing black tea (红茶). Also has a lot of caffeine. The Dong Ding was what I came to this site to order, and it was impressive. It was a darker oolong with a rich honey flavor just as advertised. This sampler was with every penny.
 by Miranda C.