High Mountain Oolong Tea Bags

US$ 16.75

 by chong lim O.
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would like a slightly longer lasting oolong taste and flavor

 by anthony o.
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i find the teabags just a little to strong, i use a small teapot which holds two small mugs and i use one teabag per brew so i guess i need a bigger teapot.

 by Lin J.
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I just received this packet of tea bags last week. I think this particular variety of tea bag is probably one of the best oolong tea I've tried. There's a subtle aroma to it, and lots of genuine flavor. Love it!! By the way, the individual packaging is green with flowers and a train printed on the front, not this festive red packaging.

 by David E.
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This is a very fine tasting tea. The order came promptly as indicated it would and the bags are individually wrapped. We are satisfied with the value.

 by Douglas W.
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One cannot match loose tea for flavor and spirit but these oolong tea bags are so convenient,and have the best taste of any I have had before. I always keep some handy now. They also make for an excellent gift to a co-worker just getting interested in oolong tea.

 by Connie
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Loved being able to get oolong tea in bags. These are a favorite of my 79 year old mom. Will be re ordering soon! THANKS!

 by G.C.
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The Wu Long tea bags are very pleasant with a light Jasmine taste.

 by Geo
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The oolong tea bags are good and a very convenient way to enjoy oolong tea - thanks!