GABA Whole Leaf Tea Bags
[GABA Bags]

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 by Ginger R.
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Love the taste of this tea and convenience of the teabags. I get 3 steepings per bag. My husband and I drink a cup of this tea each week night just before going to bed. It very relaxing and helps me fall asleep.

 by Connie Y.
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Repeat buyer of GABA tea bags.I find they help to relax me and reduce anxiety. Also, they are very good tasting. I'll continue to use them as they really help in reducing stress.

 by Les J.
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Having been diagnosed with an auto immune disease I was prescribed Gabapentine, after much research I found that it occurred naturally in gaba tea. I first thought that they were a little expensive but each bag makes several cups of tea without detriment. The tea is light and refreshing, the convenience of it coming in bags makes it easy to carry in a wallet or bag so you can have wherever to go. Thoroughly recommend this tea.

 by Astri R.
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Thank you for the very good gaba tea. I have recommended it to several persons here in my hometown and I also brought some bags to Gran Canaria. They loved it too.

 by Michael C.
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A very high quality tea bag. Much more refined than most bags.