Zhu Shan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

US$ 12.00

 by Kathy P.
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I found this tea very unpleasant. The hot milk flavor was very unpleasant and overpowering. You could not detect any other flavors. Unlike the Rui-Feng Xuan which is a milk tea and very smooth and pleasant, the Zhu San Jin Xuan has a terrible flavor in my opinion.

 by veronica p.
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i was used to the only available here milky oolong, which was too heavily flavoured, so this tea was to me a surprise! in my opinion, first steeping (30 sec) was the best. the taste was delicate but very interesting, with a note of cream and something that reminded me of honey and tobacco. i noticed also very good the taste of a great oolong tea itself, that wasn't covered by the flavour (as happened in the milky oolong i used to drink). second steeping i made a mistake and steeped too long (more than 1 min. i'm afraid it was too much for the freshly opened leaves) so for my taste the tea was too bitter to be at its best. 3rd and 4th steepings (each one 1 min, but a good hour after the first steeping) were also satisfying, with the creamy taste slowly fading and the pleasant main taste of tea prevailing. honestly i think it could be used for at least 2 steepings more. wet leaves are whole, with many intact branchlets of leaves, very beautiful to be seen and sign of a carefully harvested tea. i look forward to taste the other 2 jin xuan samples to compare them with this first one.

 by Tracy S.
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I have to honestly say that I did not like this tea at all. I suppose it is good if you like the odd, added flavoring, but it was just unbearable for me, personally. I much prefered the other two jin xuan teas over this one. Taste is such a subjective sense, so you will only truly know if it is to your liking by trying it for yourself. Others apparently like it, but it just wasn't for me. That flavor just tasted like powdered milk that was just starting to go bad, sort of; so hard to describe. But it's worth trying, just to see the differences in jin xuang that is flavored compared with those that are not.

 by elad g.
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it's was hard to decide on how much start to give it, as an sprint harvest growing at 2,000 feet it's the best i had in this category , it has the smooth taste of milk oolong very light ,but it's i found its very hard to brew, to much time or temperature and it's get beater also it doesn't last to many brews still at this price range you usually get an artificial flavored or some tea that's more resemble 4 four season oolong, so it's a good buy .

 by Roland R.
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This tea is the best of this type of tea I have ever bought.

 by Tommy M.
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Smells very milky, taste very creamy and smooth with First steep is very milky with slight buttery notes and has a nice creamy mouthfeel and aftertaste. Second steep is almost the same only with an added slightly sweet vegetal note. The creamy mouthfeel is great this is another tea that just feels good in the mouth :) Even the Third steep is very good still creamy and milky but slightly roasty and nutty almost , very interesting, lingering flavors. Fourth steep is pretty much same as the last and by the sixth steep I needed warmer water, steep six was nice more roasty, nutty notes same creamy milkyness, this tea is not going to give up soon I had to stop at six steeps :) Superb Tea!