Zhu Shan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea


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i was used to the only available here milky oolong, which was too heavily flavoured, so this tea was to me a surprise! in my opinion, first steeping (30 sec) was the best. the taste was delicate but very interesting, with a note of cream and something that reminded me of honey and tobacco. i noticed also very good the taste of a great oolong tea itself, that wasn't covered by the flavour (as happened in the milky oolong i used to drink). second steeping i made a mistake and steeped too long (more than 1 min. i'm afraid it was too much for the freshly opened leaves) so for my taste the tea was too bitter to be at its best. 3rd and 4th steepings (each one 1 min, but a good hour after the first steeping) were also satisfying, with the creamy taste slowly fading and the pleasant main taste of tea prevailing. honestly i think it could be used for at least 2 steepings more. wet leaves are whole, with many intact branchlets of leaves, very beautiful to be seen and sign of a carefully harvested tea. i look forward to taste the other 2 jin xuan samples to compare them with this first one.
 by veronica p.