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Wu Ling Oolong Tea


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This oolong is of the green variety. No oxidized taste at all. It brews to a very mild flavor with body and a slight floral scent and after taste. I have been drinking this tea for over a year and it is my favorite. I still drink green tea but this tea is unobtrusive and delightful. I brew it for 3 minutes for the first two infusions and 5 minutes for subsequent infusions. I have gotten up to 5 infusions with flavor and body before the tea leaves are spent. It is almost impossible to over brew this tea into a bitter concoction. It is very forgiving of a lapsed memory.

Since this is a green oolong, 195 degF water is preferred and a ten second rinse prior to the first infusion is recommended.

This tea is guaranteed to please. Oh, and do take of whiff of the bag upon opening. You will be greeted by one of natures most perfect olfactory experiences.
 by Augustine R.