Wu Ling Oolong Tea


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After unpacking this Wu Ling and letting it rest in a canister for about 2 weeks, I finally have a good feel for this oolong. I like to brew 5g in a 150mL gaiwan @ 190-195F water temp. Initially, I steep it for 2:20, then I drop down to 2:00, add 30 seconds for the third steeping @ 2:30, then 3, 3:30, and so on. I realize this is pushing the steep time past true gong fu methods, but I like to find a balance between steeping styles that can really bring out the floral, creamy, and sometimes fruit-like aspects to the fullest before a more vegetal signature arises. This Wu Ling is quite balanced between an innate creaminess that is often associated with Li Shan oolongs and an almost juicy, fruit-like, undertone that persists into the 6th steeping. For me, it is not overly floral -- but very balanced between creamy and sweet with almost zero astringency. It has a laid back energy, or cha qi, when compared to other oolongs that can be more energetic. This is a great Li Shan oolong at an even better price point. If you're not thrilled immediately, let the tea rest (as it's a long ride from Taiwan to the US) and focus on your water temp and steep times -- adjusting until you find those subtle characteristics brought out to the forefront.
 by Nathanael L.