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Tsuei Luan Oolong Tea


 by Pascal S.
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one needs to nearly double the tea per pot to get the taste, exelent aroma, great for meditation, it's the perfect tea to take with you, if you need to cross the Tibetan plato on your horse alone, it will keep you going for many month ... I placed a big order of this tea ....

 by Clay Conway
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This tea reminds me very much of the four seasons - but BETTER! It quickly became a top favorite. It's unique floral notes & creamy texture are truly delightful! Try it.

 by Pascal G.
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Tsuei Luan is my best quality/price on TeaFromTaiwan. It is a sweet and flowery tea, that can be brewed several times with the gong fu cha method. Indeed,it is less powerful than my other favorites such as Li Shan Cui Feng or Wu Ling, but it is nearly half the price, and it is a hi-altitude Li Shan tea. Compared to 4 Seasons Oolong, it is much better : more complex aroma, more taste, and it can be brewed more times, all that for an only 50% higher price. Besides, this is important to me - and it should be important to anyone who takes care of one's health -, it is grown without pesticide. I have made it my daily tea, while I keep more expensive teas for occasional usage, especially when I want to change for a more powerful tea. In conclusion, highly recommended for people who love low-oxidized oolong teas.

 by Sean F.
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I had never had this particular variety of tea before. Actually, I had never even heard of it until I found Tea From Taiwan. Well, after a few sessions with it, I think I can safely say I've found my new favorite! It's not quite Da Yu Ling, but it's tasty enough that, despite being a bit pricey, it is now my "daily drinker!"

 by Rye S.
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simply delicious, a definite favourite. also good cold.

 by Cat M.
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I have now been a member since 2013 and in each order I have bought Tsuei Luan, out of all the teas over the years is has been the most consistent with the good price, quality and taste. Its my mainstay tea whilst the others have varied in taste.

 by Barbara E.
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10 stars! Such a sweet flavour with a lot of depth. Truly delightful.

 by Barbara E.
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I've been drinking tea for the last 25 years or so and drink tea all day as it's my favourite drink. This tea has a wonderful fragrance and an even better taste. Now, I usually make one brew from tea leaves and discard it as I hadn't found one that made further brews that were flavoursome enough. However, this is, much to my surprise. I certainly recommend this. This is my new favourite shop for Taiwanese tea. Thank you.

 by George S.
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The good quality of this tea cannot be ignored. Have to tell you, I am pleasantly surprised. I normally would not mail order any tea -- I have numerous people there who send me tea and I also travel there as often as I can. We gave you guys a try based only on a certain something we detected in via your Web presence. Very pleased with both the tea and that our hunch about you was correct. Thanks also for the prompt and professional nature of the transaction and communication. Kudos on all that and keep up the great work.

 by Stefano Anzellotti
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Quite good. I found the taste to be a bit weak but it might just be the way I brewed it. So far I preferred the Shi Zuo.

 by Pohjola
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This was a very good wulong, with a deep and flowery taste, and a lovely sweet aftertaste. I recommend it.