Tai Xing Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

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 by LEE E.
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I really like this one. I can cold brew it & hot brew it. Wonderful milky flavor!

 by Susan S.
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A round, sweet honey/butter flavor - not overpoweringly "milk" flavored, but a nice green, evolving flavor oolong of the sort I love.

 by veronica p.
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this is the 2nd jin xuan sample i tasted, after zhu shan jin xuan. in my opinion, this is a great oolong tea, with an elegant taste and the milky note is obviously more delicate than in zhu shan because this one is unflavoured. indeed, the milky note didn't faded after the first steepings (as i noticed in the flavoured quality) but remained unaltered. i loved particularly the first and second cup (30 sec steeping)and i noticed an intense honey and flowery taste, together with a herbal note that faded in the following steepings. i used the leaves 5 times and the tea was still superb. whole branchlets with good looking dark green aromatic leaves. i tried also a 1 minute steeping but it was too much for my taste and it felt slightly bitter. in my opinion, this is a delicate wonderful tea, that gives its best in a very short steeping time.

 by bernie y.
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I like the Rui-Feng slightly better than the Tai Xing just because I like peachy flavors better than honey flavors. Although, the Tai Xing is quite a balanced and smooth liquid with reminiscent of mixture of flowers. It is sweet, rich, creamy and delicious!

 by Iggy P.
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Nice and tasty tea, buttery and without too much of a milky taste, more natural feeling.

 by elad g.
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Interesting milk oolong , have the oilybutter texture but the high notes have some kick in them , kinda remind my of a particular visky i had ones , even duo i liked it it's the reason that i can't give a milk oolong 5 star

 by Cassie B.
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The dry leaves here smell like SPINACH. I don’t mind it.. I eat enough of it! The steep color is a bright yellow. I let the water cool for quite a bit and steeped for 45 seconds. The taste is lovely! The flavor maintains a bit of that spinach flavor, but I’d say the dry leaves smelled more like spinach than the tea itself tastes like spinach. But it’s like spinach that is buttery and slightly sweet and also a tiny-tad-hint of spice, very silky… it really lingers. I’d say this oolong has more of a vegetal flavor that the usual floral. But oh no! I just looked at the description and this was the tea that was the milk oolong. I had David’s milk oolong a few weeks ago and this definitely doesn’t taste like that one. The David’s was distinctly milky. This one is just buttery and sweet. I never would have even considered it was the milk oolong if I hadn’t looked at the description! Second steep: Water was still cooled down a lot // steeped for 50 seconds. This cup is MUCH more like a floral oolong but mostly very peachy! Most of the spinach flavor is gone. I love the evolution of oolong. Third steep: Water was much closer to boiling // steeped for one minute. I would say this steep is closest to the milk oolong flavor, but that may be because both the spinach and floral/peachy flavors are less distinct. It’s still good! I think the first steep was my favorite because it was different as a buttery spinach oolong! I think I’ll take a couple points off the rating just for not being what I’d call a milk oolong. A very delicious tea! One of my highest rated oolongs. One of the steeps (or all of them) is bound to be something any oolong fan would love.