Tai Xing Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea


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this is the 2nd jin xuan sample i tasted, after zhu shan jin xuan. in my opinion, this is a great oolong tea, with an elegant taste and the milky note is obviously more delicate than in zhu shan because this one is unflavoured. indeed, the milky note didn't faded after the first steepings (as i noticed in the flavoured quality) but remained unaltered. i loved particularly the first and second cup (30 sec steeping)and i noticed an intense honey and flowery taste, together with a herbal note that faded in the following steepings. i used the leaves 5 times and the tea was still superb. whole branchlets with good looking dark green aromatic leaves. i tried also a 1 minute steeping but it was too much for my taste and it felt slightly bitter. in my opinion, this is a delicate wonderful tea, that gives its best in a very short steeping time.
 by veronica p.