Shi Zuo Oolong Tea


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I decided to brew this tea for five minutes with one rinse of tea leaves for a full minute and leaving it to steep with covering on. When I remove the covering from my cup the tea leaves are fuller and green in color; as I scooped them out I am noticing how the leaves looks just the way they were plucked from the tea bush; two bud/two leaves method. If I am using the right term; anyhow, the leaves are full with two leaves per stems. I put the leaves aside and simply take a sip of the tea while noticing its color which is a bright yellow/golden orb of amber with yellow base. Tea is smooth when I taste it; it is cleanly with no astringent. It is more floral like and sweetly-smooth. Tea from Taiwan, thank you for sending this sample for me to experience and review. This is a most enjoyable oolong tea.
 by Ainee B.