Rui Feng Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

US$ 12.00

 by Joan W.
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It's very pleasant to drink this Jin Xuan tea with natural milk hint which is not overwhelming. Really like the complex flavor which is lingering a long time after drinking.

 by veronica p.
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this is the last quality i tasted out of my beloved jin xuan sample pack. it is a great quality tea, like his 2 "brothers" (zhu shan & tai xing). beautiful-looking whole leaves, a delicate aroma and a pale beautiful liquor. i noticed the peachy (fruity) note more than in tai xing, that had instead a predominant, wonderful herbal taste. when re-ordering, i chose zhu-shan and tai-xing because i'm a lover of herbal notes; i think that rui-feng can be the perfect choice for those who look for fruity notes and a more delicate oolong (this is obviously only my personal opinion!). i used a 50 ml gaiwan and very short steepings (30 sec, max 1 min) to avoid any bitterness, but i suppose everyone has his personal preferences in steeping lenght. the leaves were still in good shape at 6th steeping: i consider this factor pretty important because in my country (italy) i've never bought a tea so whole and carefully harvested as the 3 jin-xuan qualities from teafromtaiwan. i warmly thank you for this experience!

 by bernie y.
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This is my favorite of the 3 milk oolongs. The smell is mature and penetrating with heavier floral scents. The taste is quite fruity and peachy. It is very uplifting and keeps me focused. Taixing has more honey-like qualities if that is what you're after. I like peachiness better.

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Full and mild liquor infusions over evolves to leave a slightly sweet flavor salivating,a good drink daily.

 by Hrafn A.
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Excellent and reasonably priced milk oolong. Along with the Four Seasons (from Tea From Taiwan also), the Rui Feng is my go-to everyday oolong - without compromise! The aroma is light and pleasant and the soup is robust and complex but retaining a light mouthfeel. The creamy notes blend very well into the other, more vegetal aspects, and the aftertaste is lingering and very pleasant. I'd recommend the Rui Feng to anyone even remotely interested in top-quality tea...

 by Leonardo D.
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This tea is exceptional. Notice that this may not be fully appreciated by someone that does not know green and oolong tea well, because of its very complex taste. If you follow the chinese way of making tea (80 degrees water, a couple of minutes infusion) you can use the tea many times, and each it has a slightly different flavour (it becomes more sweet and i feel more the "milky" flavour after the 2nd or 3rd infusion). It is really a special tea, i have ordered it twice already.

 by Erik V.
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Great choice. Pleasant creamy notes, with vegetal tones that last for several brews. Will purchase again.

 by Nilton B.
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The tea is very good. It gets better each brewing.

 by Konstantin B.
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It was my first order at Tea From Taiwan. I was and am charmed by milk oolong teas, but looks like only few of them are actually, authentic milk oolongs. The one I bought is extremely pelasant, its fragrance is charming and taste lasts for long. I will buy it again, for sure.

 by Tommy M.
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This one is nice it has nice vegetal green tone with slightly creamy buttery notes, no astringency, Very Good Tea!

 by Charissa G.
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I got 5 great steepings with this tea - I’ve had other milky oolongs. This tea, Rui Feng Jin Xuan, is less astringent, more milky and quite fresh tasting. I like the vegetalness, butteryness and sweetness of this tea. The milkyness is light and present in the early steepings – overall pretty nice.

 by Joely S.
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Such a delicate tea. Pretty floral notes dance playfully with an airy vegetative and herbaceous green background. Leaves a wonderful after taste. Not THE milkiest of oolong but does have a soothing milk creaminess to it. Excellent for an all natural milk oolong!

 by Leah S.
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Love the taste... and no matter how many times I brew it, still it taste good... I got fever once and it really helped me...awesome tea, awesome delivery time... keep it up guys!