Rui Feng Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea


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this is the last quality i tasted out of my beloved jin xuan sample pack. it is a great quality tea, like his 2 "brothers" (zhu shan & tai xing). beautiful-looking whole leaves, a delicate aroma and a pale beautiful liquor. i noticed the peachy (fruity) note more than in tai xing, that had instead a predominant, wonderful herbal taste. when re-ordering, i chose zhu-shan and tai-xing because i'm a lover of herbal notes; i think that rui-feng can be the perfect choice for those who look for fruity notes and a more delicate oolong (this is obviously only my personal opinion!). i used a 50 ml gaiwan and very short steepings (30 sec, max 1 min) to avoid any bitterness, but i suppose everyone has his personal preferences in steeping lenght. the leaves were still in good shape at 6th steeping: i consider this factor pretty important because in my country (italy) i've never bought a tea so whole and carefully harvested as the 3 jin-xuan qualities from teafromtaiwan. i warmly thank you for this experience!
 by veronica p.