Long Feng Xia Oolong Tea

US$ 31.00

 by Pascal S.
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excellent tea, very gentle, warm mild taste you need to put lots of tea per pot, .... can steep short a 20 sec. which brings lots of flavour, but is also Ok with long steeping time (not bitter)

 by Joan W.
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High Quality. The taste may not be as smooth as Cui Feng or Da Yu Ling oolong teas sold from Tea from Taiwan, but this tea surely delivers elegant fragrance, well rounded non-astringent taste and pleasant long lasting aftertaste. I consider it as one of those more affordable,top grade oolong teas you can ever get.

 by Clay Conway
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Exceptional! This tea is warm, vibrant, energetic & happy. I love it!

 by J.A. P.
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I really enjoy this tea.Taste is subjective and many people means many different tastes. This is a clean bright tea and nicely sweet. The leaves are top of plant and no brown spots visible once they unfold. expensive though.

 by Iggy P.
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Great and classy tea. My review is here: http://www.teablr.com/?p=950

 by Rachel E.
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Oh man, this is a fantastic oolong, and this is coming from someone who is so-so about oolongs. I’m definitely getting some subtle buttery undertones and slight floral notes, but nothing is too overpowering. It even has some similar characteristics to a green tea.

 by Bao V.
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I just received my order and brewed a pot of Long Feng Xia which was probably the best oolong I've gotten from you (I've tried nearly all of them).

 by nurit e.
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long feng xia oolong is the best oolong ever i bought 11 samples and most of them are very good the tea arrived after 14 days to israel

 by Michael C.
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Great tea. Floral but still substantial and very refreshing. Wonderful.

 by Matthew B.
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This was good on the first two pours- it looses its luster by the third. The Hua Gang has better staying power and is nearly the same price.

 by Nagy S.
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This tea is along with the Da Yu Ling the best that Taiwanese high mountain oolong can offer, specially this Lung Feng Hsia region produces strong and aromatic tea, I am brewing it with a Lin`s cermaic kettle and red yixing dhp clay from fudong, and this tea is fenomenal, it has a lingering aftertaste and a great body, after you had a few cups you can feel the aroma lingering in your breath for a while.

 by Ashton D.
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Long Feng Xia is yet another splendid tea from Taiwan. The flavor is silky smooth with a natural honeyed sweetness bordering on perfection. In addition to the wonderful taste, the fragrance is beyond compare. This is a tea rich with romance, delivering a bouquet with its floral aroma. My only disappointment is that I can't figure out how to bottle the fragrance, so I can wear it as a cologne.

 by CD
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Love the tea. It is some of the best Taiwanese oolong I've ever tasted. The Long Feng lives up to its name as "the best in the world".

 by JW
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This is excellent tea. I have been importing tea for my personal use since I returned from living in Taiwan in the early 90s, and I think yours is the best I've come across from a retail outlet.

 by HY
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OMG the Long Feng Xi is exceptional, usually Taiwanese tea is strong on fragrance and weak on aftertaste, as compared to "rock tea" from mainland China. However, the Long Feng Xi and Wu Ling satisfy both requirements.