Hua Gang Oolong Tea


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No wonder this tea is in the sample pack with DaYuLing. As DaYuLing slowly disappears in the near future, this HuaGang is a worthy runner up. Its robust floral scent was almost the same as DaYuLing. Taste wise - if DaYuLing is an elegant princess (smooth, delicate), then HuaGang is a stylish prince (robust, flavourful). Made the tea with 30s/45s/1.5min/3min in 150ml teapot and lastly in 300ml cold brew. Beware of water temp, the taste withers quickly with water temp < 85c. Brew it at 85c-90c for best taste and it would easily last more than 6 brews (or more). This Hua Gang cold brew is more flavourful than the DaYuLing cold brew.
 by Adrienne K.