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Living in Asia, there really is no need for me to buy tea online but this is my first time buying tea online (despite my usual skepticism). Finding Gaba tea led me to TeaFromTaiwan. Customer service is amazingly responsive despite question from mere prospect/ non-buying customer yet. Back to tea. First time having Gaba, I brewed them at 30s/1min/3min/5min in glazed ceramic 150ml tea pot. The scent is that of sweet potato. Drank first 3 brew at 70c temp, tasted like sweet potato too and smooth taste. My 4 yr old daughter also loved it. Last brew i drank at freshly brew at 80-85c, no trace of sweet potato but thick honey taste. Pleasant first-time surprise drinking this tea, will buy again. Thanks for bringing the product.
 by Adrienne K.