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Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong Tea


Date Added: 04/28/2012 by Loretta N.
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
My favorite tea of all! This tea has a wonderful sweetness, I make single cups during the day. I don...

Date Added: 03/03/2012 by Harold B.
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I had never been much of an oolong fan and I had tried many of them. However, when I tried this Dong...

Date Added: 12/11/2011 by Donald N.
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
This is superb, the best I've found online. What a flavor and aroma! I will be ordering it for the t...

Date Added: 12/17/2008 by LG
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
Your tea is wonderful! The Dong Ding Ming Xiang has a stupendous aroma in the cup.

Date Added: 08/22/2008 by M. R.
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Dong Ding is also known in Japan as takayama (tall mountain) and is not easy to find. Oolong of this...

Date Added: 04/15/2008 by Eric
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
I have ordered tea from you once before, the "Dong Ding" Oolong tea, and it was very good, one of th...

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