Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong Tea


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I had never been much of an oolong fan and I had tried many of them. However, when I tried this Dong Ding Ming oolong I can't get enough. I love this tea and most especially that honey note that to me sets it a part from most teas. The only other tea that I have had that comes close is Darjeeling. What is so incredible, to me, about most of these teas is that you can get several brewings each time. I know that when I started ordering green and oolong teas from Taiwan and Japan the price was a bit of a shock as I mainly was drinking black Assam teas. These teas are infused just once, but when you consider it is actually preferable to re-infuse you really are getting 2, 3, or maybe 4 time the amount you would have to buy in a black tea. Being from the Southeastern USA I was brought up on iced tea and I must say that this tea makes the best iced tea ever. I brew it a bit strong and then sweeten it slightly with Agave syrup and add lemon or lime. Wow.......refreshing!!!!
 by Harold B.