Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong Tea


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Oops this tea didn't taste / smell as I expected. First time I brewed it in short times (30s/ 45s/ 1min) in 95c water. The bland taste and smell could be the water temp and short steeping times (?) as I normally steep Dong Ding Oolong for 3-5min at 100c (didn't mind the bitter taste). It didn't go beyond 3rd brew. Shared the tea with my mother - she thinks the bland taste and smell was due to its "organic" quality (I don't believe her). Hopefully next time if I get this tea as sample I will brew it with higher temp and slightly longer steeping times ( 1min/2min/3min?). The tea didn't go wasted though, I used it to make tea egg :)
 by Adrienne K.