Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea


 by Adrienne K.
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Bought this Da Yu Ling sample to discover the hype behind Da Yu Ling tea. Brewed it following TFT notes - 30s/45s/1.5min/3min/5min (each time in 150ml teapot). The tea taste and scent were consistent throughout the 5 brews - what a brilliant/consistent tea ! Tasted smooth, smelled fresh and robust, reminded me of the award winning Dong Ding Oolong I normally drink except this Da Yu Ling requires much less tea leaves, allows more brewing, and bears no bitterness at all despite increased brewing time. I made the 6th brew as cold brew overnight in fridge in 300ml flask, the taste was still unyieldingly smooth and robust with sweet aftertaste. I'm pregnant so I shared the tea with hubby (to avoid myself taking in too much caffeine), who only drinks masala tea, boy he likes this tea and kept asking for it. Should've bought it when it was on sale briefly but the tea is worth the (high) price nonetheless. Thanks for the good work Ross and team !

 by Alexander Gennadievich S.
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Da Yu Ling is exceptionally good. I drink this tea more than 5 years, and must note that this year is the best. Good time to try if you unsure. Normally I use yixing teapot and about 90C water for the first brew. The taste is very reach and evolves from cup to cup.

 by Joan W.
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Truly nonpareil. It delivers an elegant, smooth palate without any bitterness. Enormous pleasure with sipping and appreciating this exquisite tea.

 by bernie y.
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I had to get a 7g sample to try this well known tea of Taiwan. After drinking it, I know why it is one of the best teas out there. The taste is smooth and silky and the fragrance lingers at the back of the throat. Give this famous tea a try and you won't regret.

 by Brendan F.
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Superior High Mountain Oolong Tea. Bold unwavering aroma and flavor. I find the tea allows 3 brews per 200ml pot.

 by Shirley H.
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I like this tea very much...it has a good aroma and I can usually brew for 4-5 times....a very good Oolong high mountain tea!

 by Lena J.
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Having a strong liking for spring Oolong tea, DaYuLing winter tea gives me a little surprise. It's thick as expected, but amazingly smoother than DaYuLing spring tea. I really love its mellow fruity aftertaste.

 by Callum M.
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This is a delicious oolong with many layers or dimensions of taste to explore. The first steep comes on surprisingly strong with a slightly bitter yet sweet punch. It mellows out quickly afterwards, achieving a more balanced floral sweetness with no hint of bitterness by the third steep. I've had no problems steeping this Da Yu Ling 5-6 times. Truly a high quality Oolong.

 by Andrew S.
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To start off I must mention how potent this tea is, I am no stranger to DaYuLings, but this feels much stronger than what I am used to. I used the entirety of my seven gram sample in my 100ml teapot brewed with water at 190 degrees and let it steep for one minute. If I were to brew this again I'd cut the amount of leaves and how long I brewed this tea for in half. Regardless this is a very nice tea, a little more minerally than many I have, but well worth the price. It has a rather thick mouthfeel. I was surprised this was harvest in october 2014, it feels very much like a winter oolong.

 by Steve L.
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Being a fan of Japanese Greens and Taiwanese Oolongs, I have tasted teas from many suppliers and prefer the smoother tasting products. Tea From Taiwan's Da Yu Ling Oolong is by far the best quality Oolong I have found. The taste is smooth, buttery and stays with you all day. Yes, it is expensive but it is definitely worth the price. Thanks, Ross.

 by Franz Xaver S.
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Being used to LiShan Tea directly bought in Tainan in the past, I appreciate this new source. The Da Yu Ling Oulong Tea is a smart tea with typical Oulong taste which fits perfect to our western taste.

 by Tommy M.
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This one was really good it was vegetal yet floral and slightly sweet with a sweet grassy aroma, I chose this one for meditation, yes you can meditate while brewing tea and even looking at the tea, lost story anyways this is a very good tea for meditation :)

 by Piotr B.
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znakomita herbata i świetny sklep. Zamówiony towar przylatuje do Polski po 6 dniach. A produkt... spróbujcie sami. Kto nie pił nie zrozumie, kto poznał - będzie wracał. Piotr

 by Eduard K.
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Well worth the price. My wife loves this tea and this tea is a terrific oolong.

 by Matthew B.
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Amazing... one of the most incredible teas I've had this season. Found that it peaked at about 4 pours- however it was still delicious at 8 pours.

 by Kenneth M.
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As one of the more expensive tea's offered, I would offer that it is worth every penny. I have tried many different teas at all price levels, and Da Yu Ling Oolong clearly outshines each of them. You know it as soon as the aroma starts to waft up from the pot. The flavor is unforgettable, and reminds you of the saying, "You get what you pay for".

 by Nagy S.
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No wonder the price increases each year for true Da Yu Ling tea, not only that this tea is from one of the highest elevation plantation in the world, but it is also unique and best among high mountain oolongs. This is the most oily, coating the mouth, and it is increadibly smooth tea. This version is the light fired, light oxidised green version, I had this year the high fired version, both were stellar.

 by Budiarto Suprayogo
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It’s an excellent tea. I brew it with gongfu tea pot. It’s has beautiful clear yellow color, hard to describe fancy fragrant and sweet aftertaste. In second and third brewing the color became more darker but the taste is still hold.

 by JN
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Love this tea. Fruity without being overly sweet. Great finish that sits on the tongue. Your teas constantly impress me. Really elegant.