Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea


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Bought this Da Yu Ling sample to discover the hype behind Da Yu Ling tea. Brewed it following TFT notes - 30s/45s/1.5min/3min/5min (each time in 150ml teapot). The tea taste and scent were consistent throughout the 5 brews - what a brilliant/consistent tea ! Tasted smooth, smelled fresh and robust, reminded me of the award winning Dong Ding Oolong I normally drink except this Da Yu Ling requires much less tea leaves, allows more brewing, and bears no bitterness at all despite increased brewing time. I made the 6th brew as cold brew overnight in fridge in 300ml flask, the taste was still unyieldingly smooth and robust with sweet aftertaste. I'm pregnant so I shared the tea with hubby (to avoid myself taking in too much caffeine), who only drinks masala tea, boy he likes this tea and kept asking for it. Should've bought it when it was on sale briefly but the tea is worth the (high) price nonetheless. Thanks for the good work Ross and team !
 by Adrienne K.