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High mountain tea from Taiwan's famous Lishan tea district.

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Package of 50 Oolong Tea Bags

Enjoy exquisite Li Shan tea in a convenient tea-bag format.

Li Shan Tea Bags are made from high-mountain tea from the Li Shan (Pear Mountain) tea district of Taiwan.

The Li Shan tea area has an altitude from about 2200 meters to 2400 meters, and it's alpine climate conditions of cool temperatures and high humidity is ideal for producing top-quality oolong tea.

Li Shan Tea Bags can be used for either hot or iced tea, and can be brewed by the pot or in a cup. Each bag brews 2 - 3 cups of tea.

Each tea bag is individually packaged for maximum freshness. Li Shan tea bags are ideal solution for busy people who wish to include oolong tea in their daily diet. It is also convenient for drinking tea at work or while on the road.

These tea bags are made from the fannings (tea dust) of hand-picked high-mountain tea from Taiwan.

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