High Mountain Oolong Tea Bags


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Enjoy all the benefits of high mountain oolong tea with the convenience of tea bags.

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Package of 50 Oolong Tea Bags

Our pack of High Mountain (Gao Shan) oolong tea bags is the most economical way to enjoy oolong tea. This pack contains 50 tea bags, individually packaged for maximum freshness.

Oolong tea is a great-tasting beverage with many health benefits. Preparing traditional style whole-leaf oolong tea, however, can be a time consuming process. Tea bags are the ideal solution for busy people who wish to include oolong tea in their daily diet.

These tea bags are made from machine cut high-mountain tea. They can be used like traditional tea bags for making hot or iced tea. The tea brews to a clear, pale green color with plenty of flavor. They can be brewed in a tea pot or individual cups. Each bag can brew two cups of tea.

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Region Alishan
Type Bulk Packed

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