Ali Shan Black Tea

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 by Adrienne K.
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Discovered Red Jade #18 by chance during a family vacation to Sun Moon Lake. What a valuable chance discovery ! Just as I thought only Sun Moon Lake Red Jade #18 is worth trying...curiosity led me to buy this Ali Shan Red Jade #18 sample. The robust scent from the tea and its bursting sweet taste (without the teeth dropping actual sweetness) beat all 3 Sun Moon Lake Red Jade #18 I had. Thankfully I had friends over to lighten my load of caffeine intake, 7g leaves + 500 ml of 100c water lasted 3 brews. 4th was cold brew for my toddler, an instant hit in this scorching heat, without giving her too much caffeine high. This tea deserves higher than 5 stars rating

 by Andrew S.
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars
(Tea Provided For Review) I don't regularly drink black teas, but god this is good. I could taste tons of cinnamon and malty notes as well as honey undertones. While this tea has not convinced me to convert from floral oolongs I love drinking it. Like the description says it has no astringency and incredibly smooth.