Fushoushan Oolong Tea

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 by Darren O.
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Gifted this tea to my Taiwaneese friend who's drank oolong for many many years and is quite the expert , his words where the tea is very very good , he knows the place and has had many teas sent from friends and family from this region , I think I will have to buy some and try for myself next time .

 by Jennifer L.
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This tea is exquisite! The aroma is amazing with sweet floral and cherimoya notes. The taste is sweet, nutty with a roasted corn flavor. Tea broth color is pale yellow. Mouthfeel is clean, delicate and smooth. This tea can go for three plus infusions. It has a long sweet lingering aftertaste which I really liked. Sensation is relaxing and warming. This is my favorite tea now.

 by Lena J.
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Since I started sampling Taiwan high mountain oolong tea 18 years ago, Fushoushan Oolong Tea has been my most favorite. I love its scent which is the mixture of fruity and weak grassy aroma and its mellow after taste.

 by leo g.
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Opening the bag, I was impressed with the unusual complexity of the dry tea's aroma: strong and fresh, more fruity than floral. I've brewed this in a 120cc gaiwan and in a 100cc Yixing teapot(using 6 grams of tea in both cases)as well as in a 60cc Yixing teapot(using 10 grams of tea and using an aroma cup). The durations of the infusions were '30, '45, 1'15, 2'00, and 3'00 with water at just under 190F (around 85-87C). In all styles of brewing, this tea was/is as good as the best of any lightly-oxidized Taiwanese oolong I've ever had: the aroma cup method especially brought out fruit/caramel notes, though in the less-saturated (gaiwan and 100cc teapot) modalities it was also impressive for its long-lasting taste and aroma. This is a tea that merits respect. My only concern is that it is so "forgiving" that it's easy to overbrew, so I'd caution care to avoid too-high temperatures (a slight astringency creeps in at more than 190F, I learned the hard way). The price is excellent compared to other Taiwanese teas of similar quality.

 by Silavie T.
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....i am really a fan of teafromtaiwan and tried many of their bests tea...but this one...it comes from heaven! Thank you to the producer for his love and wonderful work for we can enjoy such a great cup of tea!!!! Thank you also to TeafromTaiwan...Silavie, Switzerland

 by Stephen H.
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This tea is one of the top ranked tea in Taiwan. It has lingering aftertaste for hours. However, it takes a relatively longer time in dipping to make sure the flavor is fully released. Similar to wine tasting, Spring tea is good for aroma, but winter tea is good for lingering after taste. This is one of the best tea I have tasted. Blue Moon