Aged Oolong Tea

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 by John R.
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"The first cup of tea is for your enemy...." This traditional Chinese saying goes double for an aged tea. Over the course of 30 years, this tea has been dried in a smokey hothouse ten or more times. You do NOT want to drink all that dirty smoke! I rinsed a tablespoon of it in a quart of hot water for ONE MINUTE. I thoroughly drained the softened leaves and threw away the disgusting brew. Then I steeped the rinsed leaves in a quart of hot water for ONE MINUTE. Subsequent infusions with the same leaves can be progressively longer. The result was heavenly! This tea is full of subtle flavors. A little Stevia powder is enough for me; cream or lemon would kill the experience. You know nothing about fine Oolong until you try this tea.

 by Nguyen truong L.
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I had a best tea ever. The sensational from the tea made me feel the old day come back. I would like recommend not to try this tea if you are not a tea lover. The first taste when I opened and tried the tea is not so good. I felt like the tea is not made quality yet. However, the after and after, I hold on to a taste which I won't forget in my life. Thanks for selling this tea.

 by Andrew S.
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I do not recommend this tea. It has an automobile engine smoky aroma.

 by Kayleigh T.
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As I open the vacuum sealed packet I am greeted by small dark brown almost black small tea pieces that have a strong and deep fragrance. I’m finding it difficult to answer what it smells of but it’s very familiar … soy sauce maybe? Steeping 3 times in my gongfu for 1 minute, 2 minutes then 3 minutes. Steep 1 – Burnt orange in colour with a smell that reminds me of cigar smoke. The taste is smoky and rich but also earthy and astringent. Sort of like Lapsang Souchong mixed with Pu Erh but on a weaker basis. Roasted chestnuts is a fairly good description. Steep 2 – Brownish red now in colour but with that same cigar smoke scent. My husband smokes a cigar at birthdays and Christmas so I am quite used to the smell but it’s surprising how similar they are. It sort of tastes like cigar now too which is how it smells. I still like roast chestnuts though as the comparison but now it’s almost like burnt chestnuts. If Lapsang Souchong is the smokiest tea then this must be second. Steep 3 – Again it’s burnt orange in colour with the same scent. Other than cigar or chestnut I’m finding it really difficult to describe. Muddy perhaps? Smoky and muddy? There is a little sweetness which helps to keep it on the rich yet light side. It’s also a little dry and nutty.

 by Tomislav B.
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There's no way of starting this review without mentioning the smell. It's quite strange, still not completely unpleasant - "mediciney" is the best word I can think of to describe it. I actually quite like the slightly smokey taste, but the smell is really distracting. Not my cup of tea, if you'll pardon the pun. Other than that, it is obviously a high quality tea which keeps its flavor for more that 5 or 6 brewings.

 by Tommy M.
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Well, to be honest this one did not start off very well with me at all, at first I was really disappointed I thought this was going to be the worst tea I've had just by the scent of the leaves dry, Smelling them dry all I could think was "chemicals?" I wasn't sure what I was smelling, after first steep and leaves were wet I realized that the "chemical" scent I thought I was getting was more like "camphor" instead much like some scents and flavors that I get from puerhs. Ok then my first cup the first taste of this was "horrible" I really hate to use such a word as "horrible" but thats all I could think, very camphorlike and I quickly noticed the "scorched/burned" taste of this tea, I tasted like this tea was "overbaked/roasted" (I brewed it at 185F so I wouldn't scorch it myself) so it was just the initial taste of this tea that was "burned", I also noticed a very smokey flavor to this tea not quite like a lapsang but more like a smokey "gunpowder" (I think some one else said that too in a review here). After about 4 steeps( BTW at this point there are pretty much flash steeps, very short) this Tea finally starts to mellow out and take on more roasty, toasty flavors rather than just burned flavors with some nutty tones, still smokeyness and only the after taste is slight "scorched" tasting.(Lance suggested putting some sweetener in it so I put some sugar crystals from butiki tea in there, it was not bad at all gave it a nice sweet flavor and brought out nutty tones but at this point it still didn't help that little burned flavor, but it was nice). At about 6 steeps this tea turns very nice wonderfully flavorful smokey with some roasty nutty notes getting naturally sweet NO MORE BURNED flavors(after 5 steeps lol) Super good! Steep 9 I pour on my water and it still turns dark right away, its not going to give up anytime soon, Different, this time no nuttyness, more smokiness and very nice, almost how you would imagine a really nice Oolong and Smoked Lapsang blend, perfection. The aroma of the wet leaves is still very "camphor" like. Steep 10 ok perhaps I steeped it a tad long this time( a very short almost flash steep was needed but i was looking at the computer lol) the smokiness is heavier and the slight burned flavor is back but not so bad tastes almost like a Smoked Lapsang now lol nuttiness is back now tho and it is quite pleasant, smell like Oolong in the cup but Lapsang in the gaiwan . Steep 11 Omg! same deal as steep 9 steeps up dark right away still I like this teas endurance, same basic flavors as steep 9 smokey and nice but with some nuttiness again and natural sweetness coming thru again, honestly kinda PUERHish in some ways.

 by Joe T.
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A very good tea. Sweet and mellow. Long after taste. The old Chinese use to say the older the better it is.

 by Dimitry A.
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I can't help myself with this tea. The smell is overpowering, too much cinnamon, medicine herbs and camphor. The taste is not bad and quite mellow, but the smell is so distracting I can't really drink it.

 by Sverrir Á.
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This tea is like no other I've tasted. Sweet and complex. It has been roasted from time to time so the flavor is somewhat smokey and the leaves don't open up that much. I like to drink this tea at night because it doesn't affect my sleep. Somehow I always think of whiskey when I drink it.

 by Jakub T.
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Good heavens! I mean to say... good heavens! I must shamefully admit I never drank a tea like this one. It's really different and I really like it. The taste in first infusion is indeed very chestnut-like. From the second infusion onward, there is also very strong dark chocolate tone (other than you might be used from red tea or finer shu puerh). And nougat taste is present too. The taste is not honey-like, but it is very sweet. The sweetness on the tongue lingers quite a long time. The tea is really powerful... even when I take a very little sip, my mouth is filled with strong and complex taste. This is not a tea for everyone I think. But it is a tea for me :-)

 by Joseph
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I tried the aged oolong yesterday and have to report that it's the best aged tea I've ever tried. I had one in Taiwan about 15 years ago and loved it, but thought it was a puer from China at the time. Since then I've tried perhaps 100 puers both here and in Beijing and never found what I was looking for.

 by P. M.
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The teas are excellent. The aged oolong is a definite re-purchase. Next order I will try your other offerings.....

 by B.J.
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I've been really enjoying your teas. The tea that most impressed me was the Aged oolong, odd, because I don't like puerrh.

 by J.R.
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The smokey taste of the aged version is an excellent match with Islay whisky!