Dong Pian 1225 Sample - 7 grams

梨山冬片 NO:1225 - 樣品包 - 7 gram

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January 2022. A rare tea that is available in very limited quantities.

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Dong Pian 1225 Sweet Winter Tea - 7 gram sample

Dong Pian tea is a special tea that is harvested after the winter harvest. If the weather is warm enough, the tea plants will start to sprout after the winter harvest, a time when the tea plant usually goes into dormancy.

These weather conditions do not occur every year, so Dong Pian tea is a rare tea available in limited quantities.

We are pleased to offer two Dong Pian teas from the Lishan area. Dong Pian 1216 is grown at an elevation of 1900 meters above sea level, and Dong Pian 1225 is grown at about 2100 meters above sea level.

Dong Pian has a sweet flavor and can be steeped almost indefinitely without any bitterness.  The tea leaves are thick and slower to unfurl during steeping,

The recommended steeping time for Dong Pian tea is 3 minutes for the first brew, with each successive brew perhaps a minute or two longer than the previous. Water temperature should be approximately 185C or 200F. Please adjust these suggestions to your own preferences.

Dong Pian 1225 - 75 grams


Our two Dong Pians differ slightly from each other with 1225 being a bit darker in color (both the leaves and brewed tea) and a stronger taste.


The Chinese characters for Dong Pian are:


pronounced dōng piàn.

The first character means "winter" and the second means "slice" or "piece", and refers to the small bud on the tea plant.

As a play on words this tea is sometimes called:


which has the same pronunciation of dōng piàn, but in this case the second character means "trick".

So this tea is sometimes called "winter trick", referring to the winter weather tricking the tea plant into believing it is springtime, causing it to produce new shoots.

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