The Tea Regions of Taiwan

The Tea Regions of Taiwan

The Tea Regions of TaiwanThis satellite photo of Taiwan shows some of the most important tea growing regions of Taiwan.

Taiwan produces the best oolong tea in the world. Its unique growing environment is due to both its geographical position and its mountainous terrain.

Taiwan oolong is grown in many areas of the island, but the best oolong tea is grown in the mountainous areas of central Taiwan. The combination of high elevations in a subtropical climate produces ideal conditions for growing oolong tea.

Oolong tea has been produced in Taiwan for more than 150 years. It was an important export commodity up until the 1980s, when oolong tea production switched to supply a growing demand from the domestic market. Taiwan oolong tea is now grown almost exclusively for tea lovers in Taiwan.

Oolong is the most popular type of tea in Taiwan. The name "oolong" refers to the method of processing the leaves after they have been picked, but in fact, there are a great many varieties of tea plants, each producing an oolong tea with a unique flavor and texture.

Tea Areas of Taiwan

Hsin Zhu
Wu Ling
Li Shan
Dong Ding
Shan Ling Xi

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