Fushoushan - The Highest Tea Farm in Li Shan

Fushoushan - The Highest Tea Farm in Li Shan

Li Shan

Li Shan (known as Li Mountain or Pear Mountain) tea is a representative of high mountain tea in Taiwan. Li Shan is located in Heping District, Taichung City, at the junction of Nantou County and Hualien County, with an altitude of more than 1,600 meters. Because of the colder weather in higher mountains, the picking time of Li Shan tea is about one month later than ordinary tea areas.

Compared with other tea areas, Li Shan has a cold climate and a lot of fog, and the soil is mostly shale rock with good drainage. In order to survive in a cold environment, tea trees accumulate more sugar and amino acids in their leaves. Coupled with shorter sunshine hours, the content of bitter tea polyphenols become lower. These unique environmental conditions combined with good tea manufacturing technology have created the unique alpine flavor of Li Shan tea.

The tea produced in the Li Shan tea area is mostly oolong tea, and there are also a small number of small-leaf black tea. Most of the tea tree varieties are Chin-Shin-Oolong, and a small number of Tieh-Kuan-Yin and Wu Yi varieties. The taste of Li Shan oolong tea is refreshing, smooth, sweet and non-irritating. Moreover, even some of high-quality Li Shan teas have a slightly fruity aroma, which is the main reason for its popularity.


Fushoushan Farm is located in Heping District, Taichung City at an altitude of 2,100-2,600 meters as the highest tea area in Li Shan. When it comes to Li Shan tea area, one must mention the Fushoushan Farm which established in 1957, it was originally named "Li Shan Veterans Farm" and operated by the Veterans Affairs Council (R.O.C.). The purpose is to guide retired officers and soldiers to be able to engage in production and employment on the farm. At that time, Fushoushan farm mainly grew vegetables and fruits for supply to the workers who opened up the alpine road project.

Until 1970, tea trees were planted, and the varieties included Chin-Shin-Oolong, Tieh-Kuan-Yin and Wu Yi. The soil here is fertile, pollution-free, with plenty of sunshine. The temperature difference between day and night is large. In the afternoon, it is often surrounded by clouds and mist, which moistens the leaves and contains natural abundant trace elements, which is suitable for plant growth. Being in a low-temperature environment all the year round, there are even often frosts and snowfalls in winter. Hence, the tea leaves grow slowly lead to the green tea leaves are tender and thick which made the strong tea flavor - the biggest characteristics of Fushoushan tea.

Fushoushan Farm Tour

Fushoushan Farm has precious agricultural products and natural tourism resources, and the scenery there is very charming no matter what season. The farm has even planned 25 major activities and scenery including sunrise and sunset viewing, stargazing, mountain scenery, lakeside view, historic sites, bird watching, hiking, tea picking, fruit picking, camping, etc., so that tourists can visit all year round and to appreciate all the wonderful landscapes that are so attractive at any time.

The Fushoushan Farm Hotel has been newly opened in beginning of 2023. After strict environmental impact review and assessment of water and soil conservation and construction in the severe alpine climate, it took about 14 years from the initial planning to the completion of the construction. The completion of the new hotel has also improved the alpine ecotourism planning of Fushoushan Farm.

Taiwan's Li Shan Tea Area

Taiwan's Li Shan Tea Area

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