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Mid-Altitude Tea Regions of Li Shan

The mid-altitude tea plantations of Li Shan include Tsui Luan, Cui Feng, and Wu Ling.

Da Yu Ling - The King of Taiwan Tea

The Dayuling tea area is one of the highest tea regions in Taiwan, with plantations at an altitude between 2,200 and...

The Hua Gang Tea Area of Taiwan

Hua Gang oolong tea is truly representative of the best Li Shan tea.

Fushoushan - The Highest Tea Farm in Li Shan

Taiwan's Fushoushan Farm, at an altitude of 2,100-2,600 meters, is the highest tea area in Li Shan.

Chlorogenic Tea - The Coffee Leaf Tea

Coffee leaf tea? The hype sounds good, but how does it really stack up?

The 24 Solar Terms - Winter

Winter harvest tea grows slowly due to low temperatures and little sunshine. The tea leaves accumulate rich amino...

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