Oolong Tea Information

Big Bowl Tea

Da Wan Pao Cha (Big Bowl Tea) is a simple method of making tea that is associated with San Wan Township in Taiwan's Miaoli County. It is a symbol of hospitality and respect for fellow human beings.

Jin Xuan Milk Tea

Jin Xuan is a tea varietal that has a natural creamy flavor. Jin Xuan oolong tea is often called "milk tea" because of its unique flavor. The best Jin Xuan oolong has a distinctive milk flavor that occurs naturally during processing, but lesser grades may have flavoring added to the tea leaves.

Taiwan Tea Varietals

Taiwan has developed several tea varietals or cultivars that are ideally suited for producing fine oolong tea in the unique climate of Taiwan.

Visiting Alishan - The Alishan Mountain Railway

Alishan is one of Taiwan's most famous tea-producing regions. Tourists can visit Alishan on the Alishan Mountain Railway - one of the world's great narrow-gauge mountain railways.

Oolong Tea and Weight Loss

Obesity is at epidemic levels in the United States and around the world. Can wu-long help in the battle of the bulge? This article explores the evidence for wu-long tea as a weight loss aid.

Taiwan Tea Houses

Traditional style tea house can be found in every major city in Taiwan. They offer a glimpse into the elegance of Taiwan's past and a pleasing way to spend a few hours relaxing with friends.

Taiwan Tea Competitions

Tea competitions for growers started in 1975 as a way for producers to promote their crop. They have now become a standard part of the tea industry in Taiwan, with several competitions held in different areas and at various times of the year.

Processing Oolong - How is Oolong Tea Produced?

Oolong tea production is fine art. Tea masters have spent many years perfecting the technique of processing tea. The final product is the high quality Taiwan wu-long tea that is prized by tea connoisseurs throughout the world.

Taiwan Wins Big in Tea Competition

An wu-long tea from Taiwan's Nantou County won the top prize in the 2006 World Tea Competition. The winning tea is an organically-grown tea that received the gold medal and the cash prize of NT$1 million.

Oxidation or Fermentation of Oolong Tea from Taiwan

Taiwan wu-long tea is semi-oxidized tea. Tea oxidation is sometimes referred to as fermentation and involves exposing wu-long tea leaves to the air.

Oolong - Wulong - Wu Long: Are They the Same?

Oolong, Wulong and Wu Long are different spelling for the same tea. Different systems of Romanization is the cause of this confusion.

Yixing teapots for making Taiwan Oolong tea

Taiwan wu-long is often made in gong fu teapots. Taiwan teapots are sometimes (erroneously) called yixing teapots, although they share the same basic design and materials with yixing teapots.

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