Gong Fu Teapot - A005


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This attractive stoneware teapot has a timeless design that makes a pleasing addition to any tea set. The flat top is echoed by the shape of the spout for a pleasing visual balance, emphasised by the actual weighted balance of this teapot.

This style of teapot is commonly used in Taiwan homes as a centerpiece for brewing fine oolong tea. Most households have several teapots for different occasions, and a small capacity teapot like this one would be used when preparing tea for small groups.

This teapot should never be washed in soap or detergent. Simply rinse it with water after use. It will develop its own "personality" over time and add a unique quality to any tea.


Length: 5" - 130 mm
Height: 3" - 75 mm
Capacity: 6 US fluid ounces - 180 cc

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