Aged Oolong Tea


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 by Kayleigh T.
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As I open the vacuum sealed packet I am greeted by small dark brown almost black small tea pieces th...

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 by Tomislav B.
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There's no way of starting this review without mentioning the smell. It's quite strange, still not c...

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 by Tommy M.
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Well, to be honest this one did not start off very well with me at all, at first I was really disapp...

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 by Joe T.
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A very good tea. Sweet and mellow. Long after taste. The old Chinese use to say the older the better...

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 by Dimitry A.
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I can't help myself with this tea. The smell is overpowering, too much cinnamon, medicine herbs and ...

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 by Sverrir Á.
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This tea is like no other I've tasted. Sweet and complex. It has been roasted from time to time so t...

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